How to repair .mdf file in SQL Server?

How to fix a corrupted/suspended Microsoft SQL Server database with the help of SQL Server Repair Toolbox:

  1. Download, install and run SQL Server Repair Toolbox here:
  2. Select the corrupted *.mdf file
  3. Choose the method of the data export
  4. Save as SQL scripts to disk
  5. Execute the SQL script directly on the database
  6. Press Start Recovery
How to repair .mdf file in SQL Server?

How to recover corrupted Microsoft SQL Server database

MS SQL database Repair utility download

SQL Server Repair Toolbox is efficient remedy against the corruption of MS SQL databases and it knows very well how to repair .MDF file in SQL.

This software is exactly what you need to repair MDF database file and it offers many useful features like:

  1. repairs data types, views, procedures, tables, keys, indexes and other objects;
  2. supports any version of MS Windows, i.e. 98/…/10 and MS SQL Server;
  3. friendly interface of data recovery, intelligent selection of output streams;
  4. installed on any PC computer, connected to the MS SQL Server.

Owing to the small size of MS SQL database repair utility download this program can be got immediately therefore there is a chance to avoid the losing of time and trigger the analysis and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 repair database as soon as the damage occurs.

Check the following, if you are curious about how to repair SQL database file:

  1. start the process of MS SQL 2005 repair database as soon as it is installed;
  2. enter the path to corrupted database in MS SQL Server format;
  3. trigger the processing of selected MDF file;
  4. wait until it is completed and preview the results.


  1. Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 and above.

SQL Server Repair Toolbox is not freeware. Unlike open source programs, the users of SQL Server restoration application are provided with full support so they may consult its software team development and get all answers in time. SQL Server Repair Toolbox do not distributed under MPL or other GNU License.