MS Office PowerPoint Repair Tool

Step-by-step instructions for repairing a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation:

  1. Download and run PowerPoint Repair Toolbox from here:
  2. Start PowerPoint Repair Toolbox
  3. Select a damaged Microsoft PowerPoint file
  4. Press Next button
  5. Press the Transmit button
MS Office PowerPoint Repair Tool

How to repair a damaged PowerPoint presentation

Best PowerPoint file repair tool download

Take a closer look at PowerPoint Repair Toolbox software, if you are still looking for intelligent program, recovering PPT files of any size and version. This tool provides many advantages, it is always better than external data recovery services because corrupt PowerPoint repair software takes care about the privacy of all opened PPT documents.

Microsoft PowerPoint file repair software does the following:

  1. MS Office Power Point repair tool features higher efficiency of analysis in all instances;
  2. permits repairing PPT affected documents on user computers without revealing your privacy;
  3. opens any version of PowerPoint presentation, works on Windows 98 and later;
  4. the size of download PowerPoint repair tool is approximately a megabyte, it is easy to get.

The best PowerPoint file repair tool download supports any configuration in use, you should not worry about the settings of PPT repair engine, just start this application, use the open file softkey and prepare to start repairing by using the Next button. The Power Point file repair software is much easier than you may think, wait until the analysis is completed and check the efficiency.


  1. Microsoft PowerPoint must be installed on your computer
  2. Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Images and other media files repaired from *.ppt files (Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003) will be saved separately in a files on hard drive. Customer should include saved files into presentation manually later.
  • PowerPoint Repair Toolbox is neither open source nor freeware however its free version is also available and you may get it anytime under its proprietary license and not GNU General Public License (GPL). The community of PowerPoint Repair Toolbox is always glad to accept donations so you can make yours and get rid of all restrictions in free version of this tool shortly.
  • PowerPoint Repair Toolbox do not repair content of password protected Microsoft PowerPoint .ppt or .pptx files.