How it Works?

  1. Step.1

    Download software from website.


  2. Step.2

    Start Install software:

    1. Press on downloaded installation file in browser
    2. Select a downloaded installation file in Windows Explorer and press Enter or double click on it.
  3. Step.3

    Please confirm warning message.

    open file

  4. Step.4

    Run installation wizard.

  5. Step.5

    Run program:

    1. Double click on icon on desktop
    2. or
    3. Select from main menu: Start | Programs | Outlook Express Repair Toolbox | Outlook Express Repair Toolbox.

    start outlook express

  6. Step.6

    Press on Next button:

    next button

  7. Step.7

    Please select folder with Outlook Express dbx files

    select folder

  8. Step.8

    Press on Next button:

    next button

  9. Step.9

    Select DBX files for recovery

    select file

  10. Step.10

    Press on Start Recovery button:

    start recovery

  11. Step.11

    Press on Next button:

    next button

  12. Step.12

    Select folder for saving a recovered messages

    select folder for saving

  13. Step.13

    Press on Next button:

    next button

  14. Step.14

    You save a recovered messages by:

    1. checking emails for saving and press on Save Checked button
    2. or
    3. save all messages by press on Save All button

    next button

  15. Step.15

    Please create a new empty Outlook Express folder:

    1. Step.15.1

      Open folder with Outlook Express .dbx files in Windows Explorer. You can find path to Outlook Express store folders by:

      • open Tools | Options… menu item in Outlook Express
      • press on Maintenance tab
      • press on Store Folder button
      • select and copy path by press Ctrl+V


    2. Step.15.2

      Move damaged dbx file in safety place from Outlook Express store folder

    3. Step.15.3

      Start Outlook Express

    4. Step.15.4

      Click on damaged folder in Folders panel. Outlook Express create new empty DBX file with correct name in store folder.

  16. Step.16

    Open folders with recovered messages in Windows Explorer

  17. Step.17

    Select .eml files in Windows Explorer using the Shift + arrow keys or the Ctrl key + the left mouse button.

  18. Step.18

    Use your mouse to drag the selected .eml files to the Outlook Express folder.